about us

We built a home for your mini astronaut

Our Story

Kids in Orbit has been lovingly nurtured from concept to reality over many years. We have an astronomical passion for both space science and education, which we cannot wait to share with a select few. We believe that there is a huge void (a black hole, even) in the web where it comes to kids astronomy and we have vowed to leave no mini astronaut behind! 

Our Mission

Our quest is to create a place which young star gazers can call home.  We will do this by providing the most exciting and latest space news every week, as well as offering thrilling, exclusive and interactive live online courses. For the few bright eyed kids who look up and wonder – it may mean the world.


Mark Gladwish

The Universe captured my eager attention at the age of eight and its gravitational forces have ceased to let me go. I never feel more alive than when I am teaching young, curious minds about the mysteries and wonders of the cosmos. 

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