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6-Week Beginner Kids Astronomy Course


All from the comfort of your own home.

Who is it for?

Starry eyed mini astronauts and scientists around the globe are using Kids in Orbit to remotely launch into the cosmos, ask burning questions and express their creativity with like minded kids, all from the comfort of their own home.

Course Overview

Length of Course

6 Weeks

Length of Classes

1 Hour

No. of Classes

6 Classes

Starting Dates

See schedules below

on completion

Digital Certificate of Completion

Each one hour class will be divided into 3 segments.


25 mins

An exciting journey through the topic of the day. 


20 mins

Our mini astronauts will be split into video chat groups to work on a creative project taking everything they’ve learned and already know into account.


15 mins

They will share what they have created in a show-and-tell presentation, boosting their confidence and communication skills.

The Classes

6 Live & Interactive Video Chat Classes – all from the comfort of your own home.

1. The Big Bang

Where did it all begin? We zoom back billions of years to take a peak at the birth of our Universe and how it evolved over time.

2. The Solar System

We delve into the wonders of our cosmic neighbourhood and all its inhabitants. We explore the true scale of the planets and compare them to each other and our Sun!

3. Planets

We analyse the exciting secrets of the planets in our Solar System and work on understanding their true distances from our Sun – you’re guaranteed to be surprised!

4. Moons

Our moon is only one of over 200 moons orbiting the 8 planets! In many cases, these moon worlds are even more fascinating than their planet parents!

5. Stars

How are stars formed and how do the lives of different stars end? We explore the largest star in the known Universe and compare it to our Sun!

6. Galaxies

We shall explore the wonders of our own Milky Way galaxy and that of Andromeda, our closest neighbour. We’ll discover the various types of galaxies and how they formed over billions of years.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of our Kids in Orbit course, your little astronaut will receive an official Digital Certificate of Achievement to proudly mark his/her accomplishment.

Happy mums and dads from our previous courses

“Excellent Organization! Well done Kids in Orbit Academy. An excellent opportunity for the kids to become familiar with the mysteries of the universe. Mark and his team are truly FANTASTIC! Excellent Organization!“

Alison D.

“Excellent opportunity for children to become acquainted with the mysteries of the universe. From our positive experience children are also given individual attention and catered for according to their already possessed knowledge on the subject. Recommended to anyone whose children have a love for astronomy.”

Edmond C.

“Simply great and so inspiring! It’s a truly excellent course and so well organised. Mark and his team are awesome and ever so helpful. My kids loved every second of the sessions and are looking forward to attend more. I am really grateful for the help and support when I needed it. I highly recommend this course and wish to thank everyone involved for everything.”

Dorielle B.

“My son attended this course and loved every minute of it. Very well organized and helpful team. Excellent course for children who want to explore the universe! Highly recommended.”

Graziella T.

“My daughter Sophia (age 8) loved your 6 week Kids In Orbit course. You and your team really inspired her because now she wants to be an astronaut! We were talking today and she said she wished she was going to your class today since it was Saturday!”

Eileen A.

“Our daughter really enjoyed this fun course. She really liked the teachers and after each lesson I got a great summary of what they discussed on the day. To close off with the observation night was brilliant. My daughter even told me she wants to go back next year :). When is part 2?”

Stuart C.

The SChedule

Classes are kept very small to allow for maximum individual attention. Please find the available course options below.

Tuesdays - Dates and Times TBC


Class Date Time

Give the gift of the universe to your child. We believe that for some minds, it may mean the world

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