Kids in Orbit

8-Week Online Advanced Kids Astronomy Course

We are delighted to announce the launch of our unique and interactive 8-week online advanced astronomy course for kids between the ages of 8-12. The course is broadcast live via webinar, every Saturday for 8 weeks, straight to your home computer or tablet!

Give the gift of the universe to your child. We believe that for some minds, it may mean the world.

The 8-week course


The What

The beauty of webinar courses are that they are live and accessible from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world! You will not be required to download anything – each week you will be provided with a link and a password to access the webinar session. Click, and you are in class! 

The Where

Say good bye to traffic and travelling – you can experience a full live course right from the comfort of your own home computer or tablet! 


The When

Every Saturday at 12:00 CET for 8 weeks we will connect online via webinar for a 60 minute, live online session.

What can you expect?

Each of the 8 exciting sessions will include…

The Lesson

We will kick off each live broadcast by discussing an exciting astronomy topic. Our aim is to simplify complex physics and bring the cosmos down to Earth for all kids to understand.

Space News for Kids

There are many space related news websites available for adults but they are written too intricately for kids to understand. We offer a LIVE space news segment just for kids, bursting with new space missions, the latest discoveries and upcoming rocket launches!

Space Calendar - The Sky this Week

The skies are forever changing – but luckily you have us to guide you! We will tell you which planets are visible in the sky each week and announce any exciting alignments, comets or meteor showers coming your way!

Live Quiz

Exciting quizzes will be held during each broadcast whereby each child will receive a multiple choice quiz right on their screen! Once all answers are in, we will announce the correct answers to the audience!


Ask the Astronomer

We understand that your kids must have loads of questions. Type their queries into the question section during our live broadcast and we will do our best to answer as many as we can during the Q&A segment of the show.

Extra treats…

Telescopes, Educational Toys and Gadgets

We will sporadically be recommending our favourite educational toys/gadgets and the best rated telescopes for kids or the whole family. Please visit The Space Kiosk for more information.

Questions between Classes

We know your mini astronaut might have more questions than we can answer during our live sessions, so we invite you to email us any additional questions he/she might have throughout the course and we will get back to you with an answer to share with your young one.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of our Kids in Orbit course, your little astronaut will receive an official digital Certificate of Achievement by email to proudly mark his/her accomplishment.

The Syllabus



Planet Extremes

From crust to core – we delve deep into the most fascinating features of each planet and learn secrets others may never learn. 


Elements and the Quantum Universe

Everything we see is made of things we cannot. This miniature universe is unimaginably weird and wonderful.


Astro Heroes

We know so much about Physics, Astronomy and Space Science thanks to some amazing brainy geniuses. We learn who they are and what they discovered!


Comets and Asteroids

We leave no space rock unturned. We explore the cold and mysterious parts of space which are often left in the shadows.


Lives of Stars

From stellar cradle to grave – we fast forward millions and billions of years and explore the stages of various star types and learn how they differ from one another.


Black holes, Pulsars and Magnetars

The afterlife of stars is a mystery to most. Join those who dare to explore them! Together we will uncover the most extreme and powerful dead stars in the Universe!


Evolution of Galaxies

Galaxies are ancient beasts with incredible stories to tell. We delve into the billion-year-old lifespan and see how they were formed and how they have changed over time.


The Future of Space Exploration

The future of space exploration is the most fascinating topic I can think of! YOU ARE the future – what will you do for mankind?

The Timetable


The course will take place every Saturday for 8 weeks at 12:00 CET, starting 30th March.

Next Advanced Course








  • Session 1 – Sat 30th March @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 2 – Sat 6th April @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 3 – Sat 13th April @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 4 – Sat 20th April @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 5 – Sat 27th April @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 6 – Sat 4th May @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 7 – Sat 11th May @ 12:00 CET
  • Session 8 – Sat 18th May @ 12:00 CET

Happy mums and dads from our previous courses

“Excellent Organization! Well done Kids in Orbit Academy. An excellent opportunity for the kids to become familiar with the mysteries of the universe. Mark and his team are truly FANTASTIC! Excellent Organization!“

Alison D.

“Our daughter really enjoyed this fun course. She really liked the teachers and after each lesson I got a great summary of what they discussed on the day. To close off with the observation night was brilliant. My daughter even told me she wants to go back next year :). When is part 2?”

Stuart C.

“Simply great and so inspiring! It’s a truly excellent course and so well organised. Mark and his team are awesome and ever so helpful. My kids loved every second of the sessions and are looking forward to attend more. I am really grateful for the help and support when I needed it. I highly recommend this course and wish to thank everyone involved for everything.”

Dorielle B.

“My son attended this course and loved every minute of it. Very well organized and helpful team. Excellent course for children who want to explore the universe! Highly recommended.”

Graziella T.

“My daughter Sophia (age 8) loved your 6 week Kids In Orbit course. You and your team really inspired her because now she wants to be an astronaut! We were talking today and she said she wished she was going to your class today since it was Saturday!”

Eileen A.

“Excellent opportunity for children to become acquainted with the mysteries of the universe. From our positive experience children are also given individual attention and catered for according to their already possessed knowledge on the subject. Recommended to anyone whose children have a love for astronomy.”

Edmond C.


Once you have purchased the course, you will receive full instructions and access links by email. See you inside!

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Give the gift of the universe to your child. We believe that for some minds, it may mean the world.