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What On Earth Is The "Astro Apprentice Pack"?



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#1: 30 Unbelievable Space Facts Digital Album!

Nothing gets a young space enthusiast more excited than an unbelievable space fact. So what would 30 of them do?

Beyond the astonishing facts, this album showcases an array of the most breathtaking images ever captured by the greatest photographic equipment mankind has ever created.

30 pages of astronomical wonder await you!

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#2: The Cosmic Four Collection

Four Unique and Beautifully Illustrated Space Bedtime Story Digital Books.

Carefully and meticulously designed, science-born yet fantasy-infused.

Book 1 | Henry's Martian Makeover

Book 2 | Starry Lessons with a Silvery Wolf

Book 3 | Penny the Brave

Book 4 | A Universe of Choices: Jamie's Dream Job

$49 Value

Get Everything For Only $7 Now!

#3: 10 Mind-Blowing Space Quizzes!

The only other thing that gets a future astronaut as excited as a book full of space facts is an endless array of space questions!

We have created 10 mind-blowing, interactive space quizzes to test their knowledge (and yours while you're at it!). Each quiz is completed online in order to provide an exciting points-based game.

Every quiz has 10 multiple choice questions for a total of 100 points. Each quiz is dedicated to a specific topic: Planets, Moons, Galaxies and Space Exploration etc. This enables us to ask deeper questions and improve their knowledge.

Every correct answer is a cause for celebration and every mistake is a valuable learning opportunity, helping to propel them to the top of their class in science!

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✔ $49 Value

Get Everything For Only $7 Now!

What Others Are Saying About

Kids in Orbit

  • "Captivating Young Minds"

    "Having observed the founder's ability to captivate young minds with the wonders of the cosmos, I can confidently say that the "Ask the Astronomer" mentorship is a gateway to sparking a lifelong interest in the stars and beyond. His unique talent for making complex astronomical concepts accessible and exciting to children is truly remarkable. ​I highly recommend this 30-day mentorship to any parent looking to inspire their child and catapult them to the top of science class!"

    - David G.

  • "A Gamechanger"

    "I think Kids in Orbit has the potential to be a gamechanger for science-loving kids worldwide. I don't get much time with my nieces but when I do, I want them to feel our time together inspired them to new heights. I think teaching children about mindfulness and the universe around us is critical. Hunting for high quality material on a regular basis isn't practical; with Kids in Orbit's products I can dive into expertly curated and designed, fresh astronomy-related material any night of the week. It's just insane value and the quality offered is available nowhere else. Thank you for bringing space to life ❤"

    - Grazia C.

  • "Fantastic"

    "Excellent Organization! An excellent opportunity for kids to become familiar with the mysteries of the universe. Mark and his team are truly FANTASTIC!"

    - Alison D.

Why we're here

At Kids in Orbit, we do things differently. We're not looking to create a space-themed journey for every child. But for those children destined to explore the skies, we'll be there.

We'll be there by creating child-friendly astronomy experiences for 5+ year old stargazers and future astronauts - from expertly curated educational services to digital material carefully and meticulously designed.

It's not screen time - it's space time.

Get Everything For Only $7 Now!

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Get Everything For Only $7 Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get in my "Astro Apprentice Pack"?

  1. Cosmic Four Collection: Digital Space-Themed Bedtime Stories Pack! ($49 Value)
  2. 30 Unbelievable Space Facts Digital Album ($49 Value)
  3. 10 Mind-Blowing Space Quizzes ($49 Value).

All space goods will be automatically sent to you via email. You will have everything in hand within minutes!

How do I receive my "Astro Apprentice Pack"?

Within minutes of you proceeding, you will receive access to your Astro Apprentice Pack in your email inbox! It's that simple and that fast.

Who is it catered for?

Our stories are tailored for intellectually curious, space-loving children aged 5-8. Our Space Facts Album and 10 Space Quizzes are curated for any child over the ages of 5+

What is the Cosmic Four Collection?

The Cosmic Four Collection is a digital space-themed bedtime story book set by Kids in Orbit. The digital books are carefully & meticulously designed, science-born yet fantasy-infused.

How long are the e-books?

Each e-book is between 1500-2300 words, designed to be a 15-20 minute read at a kid-friendly-pace.

In what format are the e-books?

The e-books are digitally delivered in convenient PDF format to ensure compatibility across all devices and to guarantee supreme quality for all illustrations.

Are the e-books compatibile on every device?

Yes, the e-books are delivered in PDF format, which is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and computers. They can also be opened on e-readers such as Kindle; however, please note that image quality may be sacrificed, as e-readers are not designed to enhance the beautiful imagery or illustrations found in our books.